Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Poor for Seminary

For those of us who love theology and learning theology but are unable to afford to go to seminary at this time for any number of reasons I have compiled a list of FREE online theology courses and other resources to keep oneself sharp. Oh, this list is in no way, shape, or form exhaustive, and if you have anything you think would be good to add just leave it in the comments.

Gordon-Conwell Theological's foundational teaching in the areas of Old and New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, Church History, Theology, and Missions and Evangelism. -

Biblical Training Institute Foundational Classes -

Wayne Grudem's Lectures about his Systematic Theology, a project five years and counting -

Covenant Theological Seminary's Free Seminary Courses in their Worldwide Classroom -

Biblical Training Institute -

Reformed Theological Seminary on iTunesU -

Concordia Seminary on iTunesU -

The History and Theology of Calvinism by Dr. Curt Daniel -

The White Horse Inn with Dr. Michael Scott Horton -

John Piper on Monergism -

Bill Mounce's Resource site that is complementary to his Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar -

Jonathan Robie's Greek Course -

A list of the best Greek grammar text books -

A list of online Greek grammar learning tools and study aids -

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